• The Charger only charges to Lipo HV - 4.35v
  • The Charger rate is PER PORT, not a sum.
  • The voltage on screen is the voltage CUT OFF for your lipo power.
  • The charger is not 100% accurate, it will go green anywhere from 4.24-4.35v
  • Each port is charged separately
  • Firmware on charger can't be updated.

If powering via USB, make sure you don't go over your USB output. Generally, USB 1/2 is 1 amp max. USB 3 is 2-3 amps depending on the exact specification of your usb power.

What we'd like to see fixed

  • Label each port so you can easily identiy which battery displaying voltage
  • Make charging more accurate so it goes green when at 4.35
  • Firmware upgradable

If we have missed something, let us know!