Please check out our youtube review here. Summary Points below.

The good?

  • DSHOT 600 ESCS
  • New Motor Dampening System
  • FC is now takes 5S input. uses integrated Betaflight OSD and now doesn’t need SP3,
  • Sp2 only required - Uses MP6000 Gyro 8/8k
  • 4 Colours Improved stronger Battery Mount
  • Much better props, gemfan 5052 flash
  • Bigger Better motors 2306 - 2450 compared to 2205/2300

What would we change?

  • The clip that is meant to hold the battery wires so they arnt tugged on does not have with correct screw lengths. It also has a sharp middle bit to seperate the wires. It could potentially cut the wires when pulled and you have wires exposed. It would be best just to designed so the bump is not there or with one hole centred so you can cable tie it instead. This should also come pre-installed.
  • The buzzer should be preinstalled. The wires are currently cut on the plug so you have to remove it then wire it up. Why not provide a buzzer that plugs straight into the FC or the buzzer with pins so they can be popped straight in.
  • Add a battery pad to stop lipos slipping on the Aluminium. 
  • Out of the 10 stock we have sold, we have had two that needed FCs to be reflowed. One of the connectors was loose, so the video feed did not work. The other one had a 5v REG that would not power fc from lipo and it had to be reflowed as well in one place. My suggestion would to use more solder on the FC.
  • Motor screws need Loctite.
  • ADD SMART AUDIO SUPPORT!!! This would be the best quad ever if we didnt have to push that little stupid button and use the single digita screen to change band/channel.


NOTE: This is 4s, T5050C Cyclone Dal Props with No action cam on top.

You can find all the spare parts here