Recently we served a customer near close time for a Jumper T18 on a Saturday.

Our staff hung around and served him and said it was compatible with FRSKY R9 Module and works with the simulator. (Which is does)
Over the weekend the customer had trouble setting it up and must of passed this on to his friend Matthew Swain.
On Sunday the customer reached out to us and we were happy to help, suggesting ways to get the R9 working and how to get it working with the simulator.

Meanwhile Matthew Swain apparent friend of Adam started leaving 1 star reviews on our google listing. on the 26th July

Matthew has never even been to our shop, we didn't shove the customer out and it does work with R9 as stated above. Our shop also does follow COVID safe rules.

As well as that - Matthew then called the Police on us saying we were not COVID Safe and they turned up Monday morning to check on us.

I talked to Adam and asked what this nonsense was and why his friend was doing this as it does not reflect the service we provided to him.


After we brought this to Adams Attention and he talked to Matthew, more reviews started appearing.



He then being childish made new google accounts and gave caseys our competitor 5 stars and us 1 star.


He has not stopped and continues to post 1 star reviews under alias accounts.


It seems Matthew is in the habbit of leaving 1 star reviews



We have politely asked him to stop and remove them but he still continues and as such we supply a link to this page for every review he has left.

2 Weeks later Matthew Swain left another review and also emailed our suppliers