All the parts are also located on our  TBS Source one 4s/6s Rotor builds.

The aim of this guide is to give you three areas of parts and to help you get into building your first quad.

Core Build  - Building a drone is impossible without these. Every single part is essential.

Consumable Build  - These may be needed. If you have built a quad before, you might already have some of these parts and not need them. This includes items such as battery straps, propellers and solder.

I HAVE NOTHING!  - You have never built a quad and you need everything. These items include a radio, goggles, soldering iron etc.

Let's get started!

Core Build

The Source One has plenty of room for a 4 in 1 ESC or separate ESCs. We chose the combo stack as this simplifies wiring from ESCs to the flight controller (FC).

Motors are next. You have lots of options but for freestyle 4s builds we recommend the below options. You will need four of each, and if multiple KV variants are available, you want 4s compatible KV - anywhere between 2300KV to 2500KV is generally best.

Cameras are next. There are many options available. A full-size camera will fit in directly. We recommend one of the following:

Other cameras like the Caddx Ratel are an excellent choice but may require some spacers or creativity when mounting in the Source One.

Please note the antenna connector style of your VTX (SMA or UFL or MMCX) and select an appropriate antenna:

Consumable Build


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