Onewheel+ XR


MIN - 14 PSI
Balanced performance
- 17 PSI (good carving, shock-absorbing and range)
- 20 PSI


  • Exceeding the recommended maximum pressure of 20 PSI (1.4 bar) could damage your Onewheel+ and result in injury. It will also void your warranty.



  • Tire pressure makes a significant difference to your Onewheel Pint’s range, top speed, tire wear and ride quality.
  • Riding Onewheel+ with a flat or under-inflated tire wall will void your warranty.
  • Pencil-type automotive tire gauges can be inaccurate. Always use a quality digital gauge


Required Checks:

Check your Onewheel+ tire for any cuts in the tread and sidewall. Also, be sure it is sufficiently inflated up to 20 PSI. The best way to check and inflate your Onewheel+ tire is with a quality digital gauge and compressor at your local Petrol station.

Other FAQ's

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