Do you find enabling Turtle-Mode takes too long on the Tango 2? Having to dis-arm, switch into turtle-mode and then re-arm and repeat in reverse to get flying again? Follow this guide to allow a quick-enable of Turtle-Mode that arms the drone at the same time so you only have to hit one button to quickly flip your quad over. 

Thanks to Wade and Chris for the idea! You can check out Wade's video he made for how he set it up here.

Step 1: Go to the mixer page, add another mixer channel below your arm channel and assign it to one of the momentary switches (SF or SE). Change the source to MAX and the switch to SF or SE. Make sure the switch is pointing down, if it isn't, tap the button again and it will change direction. 

The mixer page should look like this:

Step 2: Add another mix to the same channel by holding the enter button down and selecting "Insert After".

Once in the mixer menu, change the below sections:

Source: SF or SE
Weight: -50
Switch: SF (Down) or SE (Down)
Delay up: 0.1

The second mixer page should look like this:

Step 3: The radio setup is complete. Now go over to Betaflight to configure the modes. If you check out the 'Receiver' tab, you'll see that the mixer channel you selected will now jump from 1500 up to 2000 and then quickly go down to 1700. You can see this better if you change the 'Delay up' value in the mixer settings in the controller closer to 1 second. 

Add a range for 'Flip Over After Crash' on the Aux channel you selected and make sure it spans from roughly 1700 to 2100.

An example can be seen below:

Add a second range to your 'Arm' tab which has the same Aux channel as the turtle mode. Drag the slider out so it covers a range between 1600 to 1900. If the arm range is too high, the drone won't go into turtle-mode and will just arm as normal. 

An example of the sliders can be seen below:


Once this is all setup, hit save in the 'Modes' tab and then you should see that when you hit the button, the drone will enter turtle mode and arm almost instantly.