You've probably seen that a lot of the 'GPS' sensors that we stock now are called GNSS instead of GPS. This short guide will hopefully clear up the difference between the two and convince you that the newer GNSS is the bomb!

What is GPS?

GPS, or global positioning system, is a positining system that uses a constellation low-level sattelites in various orbits around Earth to provide a 3D position of a GPS receiver. These have been used since 1978.

What is GNSS?

GNSS, or Global Navigation Sattelite System, is a new generic term for satellite navigation systems that provide geo-spatial positioning. This is the new blanket term for positioning systems, including:

  • GPS
  • Galileo
  • Beidou

As this is a blanket term, any GNSS device can use any navigational satellites from other networks beyond GPS. This means more satellites and increased accuracy and reliability. 

Any GNSS sensor we stock will perform a lot better than any other GPS we stock as it can use a wide array of satellites networks, meaning faster satellite lock, higher number of satellites and better performance in autonomous flights. 

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