TBS Tracer was released on 30th October 2020

TBS Tracer is a faster crossfire racing link running on 2.4ghz

Main differences of TBS Tracer over TBS Crossfire

Frequency: 2.4ghz vs 915mhz
Maximum Range:
25km vs 100km+
Realistic Range: 5km vs 25km
Frame Rate: 250Hz (4ms) vs Variable 50Hz - 150Hz (20.0ms - 6.66ms)
Latency: 3ms vs 6.5ms
Simultaneous Pilots: 20 vs 4-8
Penetration: 60% vs 100%
Size/Mounts/Pinouts = The Same! All existing crossfire mounting boards/PCBs are compatible with both Tracer and Crossfire.

The TBS Tracer Micro TX is a new breed of Racing Radio Link, meet crossfire in a 2.4ghz link! In a race, microseconds count - 250Hz, End to end latency of 3ms - barely noticeable! Nothing else comes close! Thanks to 2.4GHz technology, we took the best from Crossfire and shrunk it down to speed it up. The end result: Smaller antennas, more speed, and range for days and yet this is NOT a Lora chip!

Did you know we sell TBS Tracer in Australia?

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