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Wanna know the best FPV podcasts? Here's a list of our personal favourites. Great way to stay in the loop on the latest developments, trends, and fun tips and tricks to get the most out of our favourite hobby :)

In order from best to not as best:

1. The FlyLife podcast 

The FlyLife Podcast is a Drone/FPV podcast hosted by Martin Novak.

2. Failsafe Weekly Podcast

Sweepwings, Konasty, and Mr Steele bringing you the most gnarly of the gnarly on Failsafe Weekly. NEW podcast, taking podcasts to the next level.

3. FPV Podcast

Basically all things pertaining to the aerial industry. Discussing multirotors (drones), FPV (first person view), regulations, racing, freestyle and more.

4. The Ground Station podcast

New Zealand's home of FPV related material.

5. Let's Drone Out

Let’s Drone Out is a lighthearted chatty drone-focussed podcast. and radio show covering anything and everything drone-related! Recorded live and interactively every Thursday 8-9 pm UK time on Youtube, you can also join the interactive chat. Jack and his wife Tony, as well as the rest of the LDO crew bring together everyone from noob FPV’ers to pro commercial aerial photographers; keeping tabs on the latest tech, legal, events and drone news, talking to the people behind the headlines and most of all having a laugh.


Ruben Jauregui dishes out his personal take and knowledge about FPV. It is focused for the adult flyer and gives his open thoughts about parts, gear and all that good stuff! 

7. Wild Flyers podcast

The FPV podcast where everything goes and nothing is off limits. Planes, wings, quads, trucks ... you name it, they discuss it. Listen for regular tips, captivating interviews and get your burning RC questions answered!

Honourable mentions

The following podcasts are close to our hearts but haven't been posting frequently in recent months

The FPV Show

The FPV Show hosts, GAPiT (Travis), Bluegrass.Multirotor (Rob) and DirtDiver (Bryan) get together to talk about technology and trends in the FPV drone scene. Laughs, news, tips, freestyle and race reports, and FPV pilot and inventor interviews from around the exciting world of FPV drone flight.


Your weekly dose of all things FPV! We're a couple guys talking to people about drone racing, freestyle, gear, events, etc

Quad Talk FPV Drone Podcast

The Quad Talk FPV Podcast is about the FPV racing quad community. We talk with FPV pilots about their gear and builds as well as events, news, companies, regulations, tips & tricks and much more.


You can see these as a Pocketcast list here

I use Pocketcast on android and if you use this app you can import all of the podcasts in one click by using the link above.

If I've missed one please let me know by contacting us

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