The TBS Tango 2 has been the most anticipated Radio in 2020!
For two years this radio has been in the making and many changes have been made along the way.

BUY the TBS Tango 2 Standard Edition in Australia From Phaser FPV
BUY the TBS Tango 2 Pro in Australia From Phaser FPV

TBS Tango 2 is the perfect radio for 95% of pilots!
Watch the Tango II product announcement from TBS on the TBS FB Lounge here.

TBS Tango STAND out Specifications

  • Full size HAL sensor gimbals
  • Configurable resistance and tension
  • Adjustable throttle & pitch throw (+/- 10 degrees)
  • Spare spring set included for lower tension
  • Foldable gimbal sticks (Pro only)
  • Ergonomic and compact design with comfy rubber grips
  • Robust, streamlined switches
  • 2x 2-position switches
  • 2x 3-position switches
  • 2x momentary buttons
  • TBS Crossfire built-in
  • CRSFShot for lowest latency and most direct response of any remote control available
  • Range of up to 30km / 20mi from the palm of your hand
  • Swivel-antenna that doubles as a kick-stand
  • Up to 12 channels supported
  • Built-in 5000mAh 1S LiPo with USB-C 2A charging (2.5 hours for full charge)
  • Speech audio output with audio jack & haptic vibration alert
  • Open Source remote control operating system (FreedomTX, temporary fork of OpenTX)
  • High resolution (128*96) black & white OLED screen w/ backlight
  • Digital rocker dial trim
  • 100+ model memory with included SD-card
  • TBS Cloud compatible


What is MAX Crossfire output on Tango 2

What gimbal stick end size does Tango 2 use?

Will the Tango 2 Pro Gimbals still fold with different stick ends?
Depends. Honey stick ends = no. Stick ends from Flysky nirvana = yes.

How long does Tango 2 take to charge from flat?
2.5 Hours

What size battery does the Tango 2 have?

5000mAh 1S LiPo with USB-C 2A charging (2.5 hours for full charge)

How long does the Tango 2 Battery Last?
"I've been it flying for my 2 weeks holiday mid January. 5-10 packs a day (with a day off here and there). Always long range (to hit the 250mW). It's currently sitting at at 3.8V."

Does Tango 2 support QC3 USB C Quickcharge?


Does the OLED Screen goto sleep while flying?

What frequency is TBS Tango 2 Antenna tuned for?
Both 868mhz and 915mhz

Tango 2 500mw Upgrade?
Watch this video


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