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*Coupons cannot stack. 
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Due to Couriers already at 100% capacity due to heavy COVID online shopping, we think that BF will just cause havoc and make freight delays even more so we have decided to run our sale 2 weeks earlier so that parcels stay on time for our sale.

Sale starts Monday 5:00PM  AEST 9th November 2020
Sale ends Friday 1:00PM AEST 13th November 2020 

Please note we have some black friday stock incoming that will be added to the list below daily so please check back and keep an eye on your emails for daily deals.

Type Of Discount - Coupon Code

10% off STOREWIDE - BFS20
Up to 50% off in BFS Category - Use BFS20 for 10% on top of current sale price.
Meteor75 Black Friday Kit
20% off all batteries - BFBATS20OFF
20% off all hats - BFHATS
Black Friday Mystery BOX
$20 off Elecjet PowerPie 20000mAh 45W Powerbank - BFSPOWERBANK
Gemfan Floppy Proppy 6030-3 Foldable Prop 4 Pack - PROPS50
50% off Gemfan Hurricane Durable Tri Blade SL 5125 Propellers CW/CCW 1 Pack (4 Pieces 1.5mm) - PROPS50
50% off HQ Prop 5X4.3X3V1S Propellers 1 Pack (4 Pieces) - PROPS50
50% off HQ Prop 5X4.8X3V1S Propellers 1 Pack (4 Pieces) - PROPS50
Meteor75 KIT(Black Friday Product ONLY special) - COMING SOON THIS WEEK