Step one *Getting the appropriate software*:

To get started on creating custom sounds, you will need a software called Audacity. It is a free program to download and use. Use this link.

Select the correct link corresponding with the type of computer you run. 

Select the Audacity 2.1.2 installer by left clicking on the link, it will  immediately begin to download. Once downloaded open the installer and a window like this will open up:

Select ok, then another window will open up saying "Welcome to the Audacity Setup Wizard". Click "next" twice and then the window will then look like this:

Browse and select where you want the program to be found. Select next and next again and then click Install. 

The window will now look like this, select Next and finish. The program will then open automatically. An icon that looks like this should be on your desktop:

You will use this at a later time. 

Step two *Collecting the audio*:

The next step is to choose what audio you want and what sound on the taranis you want to replace. For this example, I'm going to be changing the start up tone to a snip-it from Harry Potter. 

Search for the clip you want on YouTube.

Once you have found it use a website called This website allows for the recording of YouTube clips. 

Make sure to click Record MP3.

Step three *Converting*:

The Taranis is not able read normal MP3 format, so the next step is to convert the audio to .wav format. I use this website:

This is one of the better websites because it allows for the trimming of the audio

Once you upload the audio file be sure to trim the audio to the correct times needed.

Now you will need to open up Audacity. Click and drag your audio into Audacity.

Click OK. There will be two things you have to do here.

1. Change the Project Rate (Hz).

Found at the bottom of Audacity, it will look like this:

Change 32000 Hz.

2. Make sure the clip is in Mono.

Found in the Tracks tab is an option that says "Stereo track to Mono"

Make sure this is selected. *Normally the writing is black but since my clip was already Mono there was nothing to change*

Double check it worked by seeing that the clip says Mono:


Once these two things are completed then Export your clip. 

Select OK.

Step four *Putting sound file onto Taranis*:

Turn the Taranis on while holding both bottom trim buttons into the middle. The screen should look like this:

Once you see this screen plug your Taranis into the computer. Screen should then say USB connected. 

Two more drives should be visible on your computer:

We will be working with the (E:) drive. Open the drive and the window should be seen:

Click on the sounds folder, then the en folder and finally the system folder. Scroll down until you find the file that has the title "tada". This is the start up tone. 

Click and drag the new sound from you desktop into the System folder of you Taranis. Change the name of the old start up tone to "tada_old" and the new sound you want to "tada".

Close you windows and disconnect your Taranis. Switch is off and on again and tada your new start up sound. 

An alternate step *Changing the sound of a switch*:

To change the sound of a switch do all steps up to importing the new sound into the system folder. We will be saving the sound into the "en" folder instead of the system folder.

For this step I will be changing the arming button to say "Expelliarmus". So once you have your Taranis hooked up and the (E:) drive open on you computer, go to the Sounds folder and then to the en folder. 

Click and drag the sound into the en folder (remember what you called it).

Turn it Taranis off and on again. 

Once in the Taranis go to the special functions page:

Select which button you want to change, then go to the fourth row along and press enter, select the sound want, for this example I named the file "Expel".

Select the audio and then you're done. The sound should be assigned to that switch now.


Have fun making custom sound effects.


EJ the DJ