As FPV has been a growing hobby for the past 5-6 years, a large number of companies have flooded the market. This makes finding the perfect beginner or intermediate ready to fly (RTF) drone difficult. 

A drone racing kit typically includes these items:

Hopefully this guide can answer some of the main question we get at Phaser FPV surrounding RTF racing drones and good beginner drone kits.


Ranking RTF Kit Price Ideal For


Emax Tinyhawk II RTF Kit $339.95AUD All-Around Fun Flying / Beginners
2 TBS SourceOne built by PhaserFPV $1149AUD Beginner Outdoor Freestyle
3 BetaFPV Advanced Kit 2 $319.95AUD Beginners / Micro Racing
4 Emax Tinyhawk II Freestyle RTF Kit $299.95AUD Micro Outdoor Flying



Emax Tinyhawk II RTF Kit

The Emax Tinyhawk II RTF Kit is one of the best kits to come from Emax. It is a great beginner drone as it's lightweight and has multiple modes to learn on. It has a Runcam nano 2 camera and an updated video transmitter that can go up to 200mW; this means you can fly further with a better image quality! The Tinyhawk II is perfect for indoor flying but can easily be flown outdoors in low wind conditions. 

The kit comes with literally everything you need to begin, including:

This drone is great for people starting out or for racers just wanting a small fpv drone kit to fly around when they can't fly their bigger drones. There are also heaps of Tinyhawk replacement parts for when you crash your drone to get you up in the air as fast as possible. The Tinyhawk is rather popular with a large community backing for this drone so there are tonnes of YouTube videos and guides on how to set them up. 

TBS SourceOne built by PhaserFPV

The TBS SourceOne RTF is a custom built racing drone built in-house at PhaserFPV. It is the perfect freestyle drone with plenty of power and a docile feel for recording HD footage. All the components included in this drone are the components the guys at PhaserFPV fly so its all tried and tested gear!

This RTF kit comes with the drone and a Jumper T18 radio which is one of the best radios on the market currently. You'll still need to source a couple of other pieces to get you up in the air but these are easy to find. 

You'll still need:

This kit is great for someone looking to take the next step into FPV drones after a kit like the Tinyhawk II or any other micro drone. The transmitter is super high quality so it will last the rest of your FPV experience and the drone is crazy durable to withstand all the abuse you can throw at it. 

BetaFPV Advanced Kit 2

The BetaFPV Advanced Kit 2 is an amazing RTF package that directly competes with the Tinyhawk II in specs and performance. Don't let the name perceive you, this kit is still a beginner kit, but with lots of performance in a small package. The kit includes a Meteor75 Lite which is pre-bound to the rc transmitter before being shipped out, meaning all you need to do is plug a battery in and go fly!

The kit comes with everything you need to start with including:

This kit is great for someone looking to learn how to fly FPV but also for someone to learn and practice FPV micro drone racing with. This drone is the prefered one for micro drone racing as it has plenty of power and is super nible.

Emax Tinyhawk II Freestyle RTF Kit

The Emax Tinyhawk II Freestyle RTF is the next step up from the standard Tinyhawk II specifically designed for outdoor park flying. It has the same camera and video transmitter combo which allows for the best video feed whilst you flip over trees and playground equipment. 

The RTF kit comes with everything the regular Tinyhawk II RTF kit comes with apart from the drone, the batteries and the charger as the Tinyhawk II Freestyle uses two 1S batteries. Similar to the Tinyhawk II, there is also a heap of Tinyhawk Freestyle spare parts available.

As it has an in-built D8 FrSky receiver, this drone can also easily bind up to any other FrSky compatible transmitter. This mean when you upgrade your RC controller from the one in this kit, everything will still work exactly the same. 

Still have questions?

Still have questions regarding the RTF packages above? No worries! Shoot us through an email at or find us on Facebook and we'll try and answer them as soon as possible!