It is time to upgrade!

Most of my racing fleet varies between 3.5.6 or 4.0 betaflight and I think there has been enough changes and improvements that it's now worth upgrade the fleet.

Follow along in a learning style blog as I summarise what I have learnt as I did this process. I will not go into details on alot of things, just where to find links and tips and tricks.

The End goal is to have both my remotes, 1x FRSKY X10S with Crossfire TX & TBS Tango 2 both updates to latest firmware, with crossfire multibind on some quads and also all the LUA scripts all working and all quads on 4.2 with RPM filtering.

1. Crossfire, Open TX Remote, Lua Script Upgrades

The Team Blacksheep Cloud connects a number of TBS products using Wifi. Among other things, a function has been added that allows you to bind one drone with multiple transmitters (Crossfire modules). This allows you to use two or more remotes without rebinding. For the specifics of multiband check out this guide.

Note for multibind you need both radios on the same crossfire version.

  • Get the latest version of Agent X
  • Update your TBS Tango 2 to firmware 1.13  AND the tango 2 CROSSFIRE to 3.24 or more via Agent X
    NOTE: You need to update TWO items under agent X for Tango 2
  • Update your Crossfire module to 3.24 or higher via Agent X
  • Now you need to upgrade the wifi module in your tango 2 and crossfire module. The easiest way to do this is to connect on your phone to the TBS WIFI, download the bin files and unzip them, on your mobile, and update. Full guide here.
    NOTE: If you can't find WIFI from tbs device, you may have older BIG TX and you need to buy this
  • Put Crossfire into bind mode, turn on your quad and bind to receiver and update receiver as well to the same crossfire firmware.
  • Update Open TX radio to 2.3.9
  • Put SD card files on radio for 2.3.9
  • Put BF Lua scripts on SD card as well. 

2. RPM Filtering - Upgrade your ESCs

  • BLHELI_32 - Upgrade your ESC to the latest firmware. I used 32.71
  • BLHELI_S - You need to pay the developers to upgrade your ESCs to a firmware that supports RPMS filtering. JFLIGHT JESC here
    NOTE: BLHELI32 already have a license fee built in when you bought the ESC.
  • For 6s you will want 18-21deg Motor timing, 16 degree (defaults is fine for 4s)
  • PWM frequency should be 24 (default)
    My ESCs example below

3. Betaflight Upgrade

  • Download latest Betaflight Configurator
  • Work out what FC firmware you have so you know what to flash
    If you go into CLI and type diff all you should see it under board name or you can show the log and it should say when you connect

  • Do a backup of your current quad settings. Goto CLI and type DIFF ALL
  • Save this in notepad for later
  • Goto CLI and type BL, now you should be in DFU mode for flashing. 
  • If not, use impulserc driver fixer
  • I'm mainly using Brainfpv Radixs so I download the hexes from here
  • Now that you are flashed its time to make some changes!
  • Set DSHOT to 300, make sure RPM filtering is on
  • copy across your switch setuip and other personal settings from the previous quad using copy and paste from your diff all you saved. JB has a good video on it here