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EMAX Mini Magnum 2 only has 1 UART/SBUS pad, how can you connect your CH1 and CH2 wires for crossfire?!

The only way with this stack is to wire Crossfire in SBUS mode.

  1. Wire is up as follows
    -positive to positive
    -ground to ground
    -Channel1 to SBUS (channel 2 isn’t used.)
  2. In your Crossfire Output map, put Output 1 as SBUS

  3. On the BetaFlight Ports, enable serial on the SBUS port and configurations, set receiver to SBUS.
  4. Setup RSSI by putting LQ to ch 12

  5. In betaflight then set your RSSI Channel to Aux 8
    Also make sure Telemetry is turned on in the configuration tab.