We have had a few people contact us regarding issues binding their Jumper RF1 and Jumper R1 receivers to their FrSky controller and we found that the binding procedure given with the product is actually in-correct.

Binding Procedure:

  1. Hold the RX bind button when powering up the drone
  2. If it was done right, both LEDs should be solid (Red and Green)
  3. Put your radio into D16 bind mode
  4. The green light should begin to flash on the RX
  5. Wait a few seconds and then return the radio to the main screen
  6. Power cycle the drone and the RX should have a solid red light.

We've tested this binding proceedure on a FrSky Horus X10S, Jumper T16 and a Radiomaster T16X so we can confirm that this process works. If you have any questions, shoot through an email or jump on our LiveChat.