This is our Eachine Beecore Tinywhoop Build. Similar To The Rambo Whoop. TOP SPEED! 

Parts Required

Total Cost without Controller is $167 AU

We are using the Taranis EEPE from here

The Beecore comes with a SP Racing Evo F3 with Cleanflight 1.13

To Bind to your Taranis, put your Taranis In D8 mode. on the Taranis EEpE as per above.
Now strip a wire and bend together, put on the two bind terminals as per manual and hold with some tweezers while plugging into the battery. If you got it correctly, green light should go solid, if blinking, try again. Once solid, hit bind on Taranis, wait 5-10 seconds, turn off Taranis and quad and then replug in and it should be found. 

Below I will show tutorial of upgrading the SP Evo to Betaflight 3.01 

  1. Hold with tweezers or use my trick above to short the BOOT terminals on the board. 
  2. Once you have that, you need to open up Zadig, top menu click list all devices. If you correctly had bootloader terminals shorted you should see STM32 Bootloader. If you see STM32 Virtual Driver, you did not have the terminals shorted, try again.
    Select it and then replace driver with WinUSB as per screenshot
  3. Unplug quad, then short the bootloader bins AGAIN and plug it back in.
  4. Open up Betaflight and if done correctly you should now see DFU where you usually have com ports.
  5. If you have any trouble with Steps 1-5 you can watch a video on it all here
  6. Goto firmware flasher, select options as below and click flash firmware.
  7. Congratulations you are now on Betalfight.
  8. Click connect and now copy the text below, goto CLI and paste and hit enter and then you should be ready to fly! SF Switch is your arm and disarm switch.