Its been just over a year since the DJI FPV System was released on July 31 2019.

At first we wanted to see how it progressed after being burned by Connex dropping support for few too sales, and as well, not liking how DJI operates.

As it has gained a lot more traction lately we have no choice but to stock it so we can support our customers when they call us and buy related products. As well as supporting many brands that are now making flight controllers compatible with DJI.

So lets get down to business, what was it like to jump into DJI FPV for the first time?

I opened a brand new set of DJI FPV Goggles and the new Betafpv 75x DJI version (includes a naked CADDX Vista and noted its using the smallest/chehapest/words DJI camera, the Caddx Nebula)

The Headset

  • It does not fit my face well.
    I needed the upgraded DJI Goggle Foam and then I firmly pushed it to my face as tight as possible for a better fit. I still get light leakage at the bottom and its as nowhere a good a fit compared to Fatshark HDO2s.
  • Air blows onto your eyes inside the goggles. At first it was annoying, but after a few packs it wasn't so bad. You get used to it.
  • There is no place to put your usual HDO2 Fatshark battery casing. For now its using a long lead thats included and a 4s/6s lipo to power the goggles. If you do dangle your Fatshark 2s battery note that once battery level goes under 7.4v the headset will not allow you to record footage anymore.
    I have used some TBS Micro Straps to strap it to my headset like below.

  • HD Recording on the Micro SD card is amazing. It automatically stops recording when you land/crash and auto starts again when you fly - This was actually quite convenient and easy to upload straight raw files to youtube to show your mates quickly.

Naked Caddx Vista

  • It overheats really quickly. Its fine as long as you are flying.
  • Upgrading the firmware it a PITA. I needed to fan it with my compressor constantly to keep it cool to finish the firmware upgrade. You may need to put it in the fridge or freezer while you do it lol.
    I have asked BETAFPV to upgrade the firmware to the latest on future batches as its such a pain.

Betafpv Beta75x

Out of the box with no changes this thing flies great! Noted that I only had a 450mah 3s which is way to heavy. When we restock the smaller recommend 3s 300mah I think it will be a lot better.

Here is some quick raw footage I uploaded.


How to enable 1200W transmission

  • Create a .txt file, name it naco_pwr
  • Type pwr_2 inside the text file
  • Save and close
  • Copy naco_pwr.txt to an SD card
  • Power on Goggles and Air Unit, WAIT until you see image from camera
  • Put SD card in DJI goggles
  • Restart Goggles

How to enable 50mb/s video rate

  • Plug both the Goggles and Air unit into PC and flash latest version of v01.00.06.00 in DJI Assistant.
  • Create a .txt file, name it naco.txt - We need to put this on both goggles and air unit.
    Type 1 inside the text file
    Save and close
    Copy naco_pwr.txt to an SD card
    Power on Goggles and Air Unit, WAIT until you see image from camera
    Put SD card in DJI goggles
    Restart Goggles
  • If you have Vista like i did you it has no SD Card to put nao.txt on so you need to connect Vista to PC. Make sure you have file ready to copy and paste asap as the vista shuts down usb storage so fast due to overheating.
    Power up the VISTA and DJI Goggles, wait until you see image in the goggles
    Connect USB cable to the VISTA, external drive should pop up on your computer
    Create a text file, name it naco (so the file name and extension becomes naco.txt)
    Type 1 in the text file, and save it
    Copy text file in the Vista external drive, unplug USB cable and restart Vista

Whats next?

I was only flying in a small area, next I will get some smaller batteries and take it outside to a bigger area.

I also want to try the Diatone Taycan DJI to do some digital cinewhooping and a bit longer range. I may also upgrade the goggle antennas and to TRUERC DJI Singularitys as its much better to buy these antennas than to push out more mw and heat on your transmission.

Do you have any questions? Please let us know!