Here is a quick guide for binding and setting up your new Tyrant S. In this example we will be using the TGY-i6S  with a FS-A8S, because the TGY-iA6C which is included with the TGY-i6S is difficult to physically fit in the Tyrant S frame. The process will be nearly identical for most radio/receivers running Sbus/PPM.

First things first connect your new quad to Betaflight Configurator and flash to the latest release. Once installed connect and check that your quad is responding to movement on the first tab.

I removed the top plate for photographic purposes, you should be able to access the port without doing so. The port we are going to use is opposite to the usb port. In your pack of cables you should have a plug with 4 wires and a label attached which reads "PPM & S.BUS Signal Wire" Decide on which protocol you are going to use and make sure you only connect that wire. Please note: The pinout on the FC is (GND/5v/PPM/SBUS).


You can cut the wire not used or for a neater finish lift the tab and carefully pull the unused lead out. On the receiver side match up the connectors onto the correct pins. Ive soldered the wiring harness together for a neater finish but you could use some pins if you like. 


Once this is connected you can go about binding the transmitter to the receiver.

We recommend updating the firmware on the TX first, follow the instructions on this video.

TGY -i6S firmware update

Once your transmitter is updated switch it on and navigate through the menu to the RX bind tab. This will put the transmitter in bind mode. Now power up your quad via usb or battery while holding the bind button on the receiver. The light on the receiver should blink slowly. Turn off your transmitter and turn it back on, if you have done it correctly the light on the receiver should be solidly lit. 

Go into Betaflight and open the ports tab. On UART3 you need to switch on Serial RX. Now hit save and reboot in the bottom right hand corner. Next go into the Configuration tab. Under Receiver change receiver mode to Serial-based receiver and select IBUS in the serial receiver provider drop down menu. Save and reboot. Now go to the receiver tab and check that all your channel mappings are correct (your quad usually needs to be powered for this to work properly, and your transmitter on). Dont forget to setup all your Aux channels on the TX and in Betaflight.

Once you have satisfied with your settings disconnect from PC, add props and battery and go fly!