NOTE: THIS IS FOR V1 VERSION 2017 with 32K V1 FC R90 Review. There has been 2 variations/updates since this blog. Please do not follow this guide/information if you have purchased this in 2018

For Wiring diagrams on new 8k FC please view this product page

Overall this quad on 3/4s for a 90mm is an incredible value and performs top notch!

Please note: Out of the box this quad is tuned for 2/3s Batteries only! 4S requires some PID Changes

This picture gives you a good idea of size when comparing to my Google Pixel XL.

I am using a Tattu 450mAh 75c 4s Battery for review purposes.

I have a much larger range of suitable batteries coming from Bonka you can find here.

Hardware & Features

  • Fury F4M Flight Controller with 3.2.1 and uses the FY40 target known as FURYF4OSD
  • TBS Unify Pro HV VTX – with linear dipole antenna
  • F15HV 4in1 ESC (BLHeli_S allowing DShot600)
  • Sunnysky Edge Racing 1104 6000KV
  • 2030 tri-blade propellers
  • Supports 3S and 4S LiPo batteries (400mAh – 650mAh)
  • Smart Audio for VTX Control
  • Betaflight OSD
  • Current Sensor
  • Blackbox Log Recording (16MB flash memory)
  • The screws to mount the props require a 1.5mm Driver such as this one 

I installed a XSR-M, R-XSR would be preferred as it is smaller but I had run out of stock.

The flight controller is a F4 board so you will need to invert the smart port signal or instead solder it to the LED pad and use the following resource mapping.

  1. Enable Softserial
  2. Goto CLI
  3. Type 
    resource led_strip none
    resource serial_TX 11 A00

    4. Enable Smart Port under Soft Serial 1 under ports

You can see my wiring on the FC with this picture.

Some other Issues I found that you will want to fix.

  • ESCs were not on 16.63 so DSHOT commands such as beeper or turtle mode could not be used.
  • ESC PPM min and max was set incorrectly at 1060 / 1980 on all escs - You need to change these to 1000-2000 in BLHELI
  • ESC beacon delay was set to 1 minute, should increase to a bit longer, say 5 minutes.
  • Betaflight setting needs to be set for ESC beeper to work.
    Use the following command in CLI to fix
    set beeper_dshot_beacon_tone=4
  • Dynamic filter was turned on by default as well as PT1 activated, however, Gyro notch filter 1 and 2 were still on.
  • Current Sensor is way off and needs to be calibrated. The correct number should be around 250 with an offset of 40
  • For some reason, although I had smart port working I could not get Lua script on my Taranis to work. I have spoken to Diatone and they are looking into this.
  • It is only set up for 2/3s out of the box. For 4S, PIDs need to be adjusted. I would suggest Diatone put 4S pids under profile 2 in PID tuning so customers can easily change on their remote to 4S profile using below screenshot commands.
    In my CLI dump I have the 4s pids on 2nd profile if you are after them. Please note they are still a work in progress.

The Default props you will want to mount the screws as they are not very tight when you slight onto the stator.

CLI DUMP of all my settings with 3s/4s PIDS are here.