Thinking about Underground FPV Nirvana?

Consider the following radios instead.

Nirvana Flysky Radio Transmitter
Jumper T16
TBS Tango 2

UPDATE 4th Feb 2020
Underground FPV is now officially dead. Their domain was let to expire and has now been taken over by SEO blog articles.

It's sad to see Warrick Dainter (owner of Underground fpv) still defending and pretending he's open for business weeks before he let the domain expire and his online store disappear.

It's been heading somewhat as a product ponzi scheme for some time, maybe because of poor cash flow, or being ripped off in China by suppliers and I feel I must warn you if you are thinking of from Underground FPV or their radio/accessories or even their paid firmware.

Go and buy on their website and maybe some lucky customer who ordered 6 months ago may get their item sent. Yours, though? Kiss your money goodbye.


Currently, at the time of writing, they owe us $901. This is part of an invoice that was never delivered however was paid for in MARCH 2019 - 11 Months have now passed since updating this article on 4th Feb 2020.

Warrick Dainter who lives in QLD Australia has given nothing of excuses.

I've phoned him three times, and emailed all channels many times each month asking for updates, all ignored or given excuses saying, "oh I spoke to Jason about your order last night actually, he didn't email you?"

They even reply to some facebook posts to give users hope their order may ship.

The writing is on the wall when time and time again you see posts like this in their own facebook group only to disappear by moderators days later.

The last post on facebook has been May with no updates since.

We have removed all Underground FPV items from our website and we will be selling the FLYSKY Nirvana verison 

If you have bought any radios from us please use the FLYSKY firmware as its being upgraded regularly and is now ahead of Underground firmware.