Do you know someone that is into drones or is wanting to get into drones? Do you want to get them something to encourage or excite them? This guide is here to show you various gifts you could give someone who is interested in drones. 

The guide will be split into two parts to accomidate those who are wanting to get into drones and those who are already in the know. To see the full range of gift ideas, check out our Phaser FPV Christmas Give Ideas.

Just Starting Out

We will cover some of the best Ready-to-Fly (RTF) currently on the market and some tools that will be helpful along the way.

Ready to Fly Kits:

$319.95 - BetaFPV Advanced Kit: A beginner kit that can do a lot! This kit comes with everything you need to fly in a sleek black colour. The controller is currently the best budget controller on the market and the drone is super robust to learn on.

$339.95 - Emax Tinyhawk 2 Kit: Another beginner kit specifically designed for indoor AND outdoor conditions. This drone is arguably the best micro drone on the market and all our staff have one of these at home that we fly. 

Beginner tools:

- $69.95 NewBeeDrone Tool Kit - Excellent beginner tool kit for someone starting out. It comes with everything you could think of to build or repair a drone including hex drivers and a soldering iron. 

- $45.95 Ethix Tool Case - A more generic tool kit with all the essential tools for daily tinkering. Comes in a nice velvet-lined case and has a nice, compact size. 

Already into Drones

This will cover some of the useful gifts relating to drones that the average drone flier might not have already.

$18.95 - Smoke-Stopper: This is a really in-expensive and useful gift for any drone user. It stops the magic smoke coming out of your drone when there is a short-circuit.  

$40.95 - Pop-up Cube Gates: These gates are perfect for taking your micro drone out to the park and having a fly around. Fold up super compact and are quick, and easy to setup.

$69.95 - NewBeeDrone Tool Kit: Excellent tool kit for someone who doesn't have a portable tool kit. Comes with everythng you would need to do field repairs on the go to make sure you can continue flying for the day.


$13.95 to $63.95 - Drone Apparel: A wide range of clothing featuring all the popular brands in the drone industry. Kit them out with hats, shirts, jumpers, beanies and even aprons so they can represent the gear they love. 

$48.95 to $149.95 - Portable Chargers: Great for charging or powering your devices when you're at the field. Can be used on phones and soldering irons and can even charge your micro drone batteries. 

3D Printing Ideas

$96.95 - Sunlu Filament Drier: If you've got a 3D printer, then this drier is the best thing to keep your filament in whilst printing. It keeps the filament around 30°-50° to remove any moisture which can ruin your 3D print.

$44.95 - Polyalchemy Filament: Great for printing little Christmas gifts or for giving as a gift. Has a vibrancy like no other filament making it perfect for decrative prints such as statues or models..


If you're still stuck with what to get them and you still want to give them something drone related, you can always give them a Phaser eGift Card so they can buy what they want. Gift cards start at $10 and go up to $500.