Gareth Hayman, a long time Phaser FPV customer has dropped a new frame today called the Luma 3

Gareth is a local Sydney photographer/content creator and started flying FPV quads in 2018. After falling in love with the cinewhoop niche he soon found their limitations and set his sights on learning 3D product design and decided to create something better. Fast forward to late 2020 Gareth had an abundance of time due to a global pandemic and after 7 months of design, testing, research and development the Luma 3 was born, the ultimate Cinewhoop Frame.

We at Phaser FPV could not be prouder to support and partner in being his recommended FPV part supplier for his customers.

The Luma 3 Cinewhoop has the following standout features

  • Ability to carry a full size action camera and safety are top priorities.
  • Including ridged TPU propeller guards, not ducts for better performance in windy situations.
  • Designed to be powered by 1507 motors on 6s with 850 - 1000mah packs and up to 3.1" props you can be sure it has enough performance to get the job done.
  • HD Vista / analog compatible.
  • Dual 20x20 stacks.
  • Replaceable 4x10mm arms.
  • Split deck design with 2mm plates.
  • Ridged design TPU guards.
  • Mini and Micro FPV camera compatible. 
  • Vibration dampened main stack mounting.
  • Standard or 90° top mounted battery options.
  • Support for up to 3.1" propellers.
  • Front and rear GP hard mounts.
  • Rear Immortal T and SMA antenna mount. (L/Diversity mount also available) 

Please check it out and tag us in your Luma 3 footage, we can't wait to see what creations you come up with.