These are all the upgrades I recommend you install and upgrade for getting the perfect print. Note I have the June 2017 Gearbest version of Anet A8

Please note this is a work in progress.

First of all, I suggest you buy the following parts:

  • New Bearings. DryLin RJ4JP-01-08 LM8UU replacement here & here.  These will make your printer alot quieter and smoother running along the rails. Video here of difference, video here of how to remove old ones.
  • New Belts. The belts that come with it stretch and are not taught enough. These Fiber-glass reinforced belts are the best bang for buck. 2 Metres is all you need.
  • E3D V6 Hot End
  • E3D Titan Extruder
    Things To Print

    Please note there is many variations of the above, you cna simply search on thingiverse for example "a8 y-belt" for others, but above is what I have installed on mine and is working well.

    Once you have all of the above Its time to install and change some settings.


    1. Install e3D extruder and titan and mount it to the carriage.
      Youtube here on how to install titan and e3d extruder
      ictures of mine installed are below.

    2. Reverse Stepper Motor. Simply pull the plug out of mainboard, pull the wires out of the plug and swap, then plug in.

    Calibrate Extruder. A Good starting point is changing it from 95 to 837
    -To do this, goto the menu on your screen
    -Look for Steps/MM and value should be 95.
    - Change Value to 837
    For complete Extruder Calibration visit this youtube.…/How-to-calibrate-the-Extrud…/
    For more advanced tuning there is these two tutorials's_Calibration_Guide…'s_Calibration_Guide…


    • What is Skynet3D?
      Skynet is firmware written for A8 Motehrboards based on Marlin. By default A8s come with Reptier firmware installed.
    • My Filament is popping
      You either have your hotend to HOT or water in your filament.

      Other Pictures of my machine are below.