Phaser FPV Will be selling the new revision as well as the old one noted (retired) in product titles.

The new version is a slight revision however comes at a higher price due to a lower AUD dollar when the new revision was purchased.

Only the HEAT BREAK & The Heat sink has changed. If you wish to upgrade the first model you are easily able to do this. Links below to the models so you can tell between the difference.

Noted we are referring to these as v1.1 however Slice is not advertising this.

Mosquito (retired)
Mosquito Magnum (retired)
Mosquito Heat Break (retired)
Mosquito Heat Break Magnum (retired)
Mosquito Heat Sink (retired)

Mosquito v1.1
Mosquito Magnum v1.1
Mosquito Heat Break v1.1
Mosquito Heat Break Magnum v1.1

Mosquito Heat Sink v1.1

Slice Announcement Below

We're releasing a brand new version of the Mosquito™ and Mosquito™ Magnum! These new versions include a revised heat break and heat sink with cool new features. The new heat break has a reinforced throat and revised radiator to prevent damage during installation or repairs. It also features the same WS2 anti-stick coating found on our line of Vanadium™ Nozzles for even better performance with PLA. The new heat sink has a wider opening for the filament path to more readily accept spliced filament from multi-material setups, like the Prusa MMU or Mosaic Palette.

Unfortunately, the old-style heat breaks and heat sinks will not be compatible with the new ones. However, customers that desire to upgrade can retrofit their Mosquito™ to take advantage of the new features by acquiring both the heat sink and heat break together. The new style Magnums are already in the shipping process, and the new style standard Mosquito™ will be available in a few weeks!